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Dodo Juice - Incredibly Edible


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Dodo wypuściło takie coś:

Dołączona grafika

Dołączona grafika

Dołączona grafika

I kilka słów od Dodo na ten temat:

It is a chocolate first and foremost, that has T1 wax grade carnauba in (an edible product found in Minstrels and other confectionary... we obviously specialise in a higher carnauba contents but it's technically edible but probably doesn't enhance the flavour much... it is normally an external water proofer to prevent choc melting or blooming). It also has some carnauba flakes (raw) on the top. This was an effort as if sprinkled too hot they would sink! And if sprinkled too cold they would fall off.

It is not a car wax. Do not apply Mars bars, Snickers or Toblerone to your car either.

It IS limited edition. No more are available and we have no plans to extend the production run. It was a pain in the a55 to do.

PS It should also be pointed out that whilst Incredibly Edible is technically edible and I think it tastes lovely myself, we cannot guarantee that the chocolate we melted didn't shake hands with a nut in a former life, even though it was a good quality wholesale chocolate. Also, we aren't food producers. So please consume at your own risk due to the crunchy carnauba flakes and potential allergies. Many will simply save as a collectible.

If you do want to eat it, dislodge it first by banging it down hard on a hard surface with the lid on. Then turn it upside down with the lid off and bang it until the choc block falls out.

Any bloom will be from moisture in the air at the time of cooling, not mould (spots on the surface will be from the carnauba dust during dusting) but shelf like if obviously going to be limited as this is a foodstuff not a car wax. If it looks inedible it probably is. Treat like any dark chocolate and if in doubt, leave it for ebay in five years time when it will be worth a few quid.

Zrobione kilka sztuk do wygrania na DW ;)

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