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Carpro Cquartz DLUX Long life trim Coat


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I recieved a sample of the new Carpro Cquartz DLUX Long life trim Coat



Is a slightly different formulation from the original Cquartz.

DLUX Contains more than 50% pure silica!, Silane-based glass coating.

DLUX is made from quality high grade organic silane. To deliver outstanding results.

DLUX lays down a protective film which forms an extremely durable glass coating on top of any substrate it is applied to.

DLUX also offers a semi Permanent protection of aluminum wheels & Plastic finished wheels.

Restore the gloss of rubber, bumper resin and faded plastic. Dlux can be used on textured, smooth and restores faded trims to look like new.

Cquartz Dlux restore faded plastic trim, rubbers to leave a fresh new look.

Very easy to apply with great UV protection, on all exterior substrates.

Dlux offers a semi permanent chemical bonding to surface pores, We have incorporated a totally different nano composition to bond hard to plastic surface and achieve thick uniformed layer.

On car wheels, DLUX will repel dirt and dust with ease & aid in the removal of brake dust.

Dlux will protect from water spotting & this can easily be removed with ease.

DLUX will leave a glossy finish and totally hydrophobic. Durability can last upto 1 year.

Videos and thoughts

I decided to do some testing the coating was applied around 4 weeks ago in that time it had a quick wash and some TFR applied for quick test today come and some more time to spare I thought I would really test it.

Below are the videos now these have not been edited at all please excuse the sunlight on the camera.

This is how the trim coat first looked when applied as you can see the stripes are the original look.


Ok time for testing Tardis, Blit hamber surfex HD, G101 4-1


Ok not content with that i thought i would go back over it with some smart wheels cut 4-1 this had already been on the platic about a minute before i started video.


ok still not content i thought i would try surfex again now at 4-1 and left bit longer.


50/50 shot of forum members car who is also testing it for me taken of phone.

Dołączona grafika

Well i gave up there i am very impressed with this new trim dressing it spreads very far so very little is needed price wise for amount you get is very good.

I must stress to get the best from any nano type product prep work is very important make sure you clean the plastic well before application.

Hope i have not bored you with the long videos.



Link - Detailing World - Pre-Release Testing DLUX Long life trim Coat

Sławek - kiedy to będzie u nas ? Czy mieliście to już do testów ?

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