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Millennium - the World's Largest Car Wax; 1000yrs protection


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Dodo Juice Millennium - 1000 years of wax - priceless.

Today, we launch Dodo Juice Millennium, the World's Largest Car Wax offering 1000 years of protection. This is to mark our fifth year crafting hand made waxes...

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Weighing over 24kg and standing almost half a metre tall, ‘Dodo Juice Millennium’ contains 20 litres of premium carnauba wax, hand poured over a period of 12 months. Every time we poured a wax, we siphoned a little off for Millennium, resulting in the largest jar of wax in the world and representing every recipe that we make… as can be seen by the multi-coloured layers. Note that you can't simply pour 20 litres of carnauba wax into a large container and expect it to turn out perfectly. Carnauba has very particular cooling characteristics and a soft, grainy core would result if such a large volume was poured in one go. Millennium is a quality wax, through and through.

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Just 5ml of Dodo Juice wax can coat a small car, giving it shine and protection for 3 months or more. That’s 4000 coats of wax on something like a VW Polo or Ford Fiesta, equating to 12000 months – or a whole millennium – of paintwork gloss and protection. To put it into a historical perspective, if William the Conqueror had been given a jar to celebrate the Battle of Hastings, there’d still be 216 wax layers left in the jar today. And in 3012, as your ancestors near the end of your wax jar, they are more likely to be applying it to a spaceship rather than a hatchback.

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Housed in an anodised green and brown aluminium chassis, Millennium sits on five fins to represent every year that Dodo Juice has been making specialist car waxes by hand. A smoked acrylic lid seals the container via five allen bolts running through pieces of bamboo cane, to prevent the wax drying out or becoming contaminated. The container – made to last a lifetime or ten - was designed and manufactured without compromise, by a supplier of engineering components to the F1 and motorsport community.

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The World’s Largest Car Wax is shown here with the World’s Smallest Car, the Peel P50 – another hand made British product with a cult following. We had the pleasure of shooting Millennium with Peel Engineering at a secret underground location in London with expert togger Si Gray. Thanks Peel and Si

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Dodo Juice Millennium is not available for sale due to the extended manufacturing process, but the wax will be exhibited at suitable times and places. More info at Dodo Juice Millennium 2012.

Price: Dodo Juice Millennium: £priceless

Web: Dodo Juice Millennium 2012

Peel Engineering - Official Home of the Peel P50 - The Worlds Smallest Car

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